Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Late Blooms - A Sunflower Painting

It's raining here in Central Texas. The last painting I posted was of a foggy morning. I think a little ray of sun, a touch of warm yellow, is nice on a morning like this.

"Late Blooms" Oil on Board, 6 x 6 inches.



Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Good to see you on mine - lovely selection of paintings; I enjoyed scrolling back. I'm trying to get back into oils myself and wonder if this small format would be one that is worth trying - have tended to work on a larger scale in the past.

Judy Mackey said...

Hi Julie,
I've only started the smaller paintings about a year ago. They're easier to ship and probably easier for collectors to buy and add to their collection. I recommend it! : )
Thank you for leaving me a comment. I'm going to send your blog to friends who'd be interested in the ban issue. Thanks for talking about it in your blog!