Friday, April 11, 2008

A Circle of Friends

Yesterday, I met with fellow artists, Nancy Medina, Filomena Booth and Kim Norris for a little art-talk and coffee at Sandella's Cafe in Southlake. Painting and creating can sometimes become a very solitary endeavor, so getting together to share coffee, advice, brainstorm, ideas, opinions and of course laughter is so necessary to get inspired to get back to the easel.
Nancy and I are painting buddies, we take art classes together, paint together and have had several shows together. Fil, an abstract artist, has been my mentor and teacher giving me the kick to get this blog going and selling/marketing on-line. Kim is a pottery artist. I just love her bowls and have several of them. I am so lucky to have such wonderful, creative artists I can call friends!

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Filomena de Andrade Booth said...

You're right, getting together with friends who have so much to share is a wonderful way to learn, laugh and just enjoy life!

Keep painting and blogging!