Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Himawari - (Sunflower Painting)

Another way to say "sunflowers" in a language that I know well - Japanese. I was born in Japan and spent most of my childhood there.
This is a palette knife painting - 22 x 28" inches on stretched canvas.


darla yancho said...

Love the subject, the perspective and all your texture. What is it about the sunflower that has captured the artist for centuries??? Love them!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Judy, a masterpiece. This is stunning. I am so glad you are painting again. I can tell the paints missed you!

Todd Bonita said...

I was going to ask if these were pallet knife paintings and I just read the post detailing that this is indeed...outstanding! This kind of texture and boldness can only come from a pallet knife..good for you Judy, these are a really nice body of work.

I look forward to returning to see what you are up to.