Monday, August 4, 2008

Beating Procrastination

Lori Woodward Simons wrote a wonderful article on Procrastination a while back. I share it with you now because - I just got around to it. : )

I stumbled on her blogs and website a while ago and was thrilled that she shared her thoughts on the business side of Art. I can really relate to the procrastination article. I've been afflicted with what I thought was a painter's block and maybe I was just procrastinating?

If you have time, read her other posts. Her article on visiting galleries and looking like an artist was really right on! Back in May I was visiting my sister-in-law in Southern California. She and I visited a number of galleries in Laguna Beach. I told her not to tell the galleries that I was an artist because I'm not looking for a gallery to pitch to - yet. But I guess the galleries must have found me out! Now that I've read Lori's article I must have done exactly as she said when I walked into the galleries... looked too closely at the paintings.

If you are an artist, take a look. Lori writes for the Watercolor Magazine.

Lori Woodward Simons Website

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