Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monday Morning - Painting of a Bulldog

When I was taking the photo of this guy the title for the painting just seemed appropriate. Wild week-end and facing a new work week...I showed my friend Nancy Medina
and she thought the title was appropriate too. Thank goodness for my art friends and their support.

"Monday Morning"
5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board
Available on Ebay


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my goodness judy! i
loVe him!
will you let me know if you do another pug?

Nancy and the fatties said...

Judy, he is wonderful. I have a friend who has a bulldog who would love your work. I'm going to send her your link.
xxxooo hug the girls for me!

Judy Mackey said...

Melissa - You and Nancy will be the first to know if I do a where could I possibly find a good model for a pug....hmmmm : )

Thank you, Nancy for sending link.

Happy Monday to you both!

Judy said...

Thank you Judy for stopping by my blog and for your wonderful comment!
yes, Humi is totally happy to go outside with me to these outdoors sesions of painting, good and healthy for him and for me.
Wishing to you a wonderful new year 2009!

Nancy Merkle said...

He is a delight! I especially love that blood shot eye. :)

aiko said...

i like that a lot! brings me nostalgic memories.

anyway, have a happy new year 2009, Judy.

Edward Burton said...

GREAT painting - wonderfully cropped! That bloodshot eye makes the painting!