Friday, June 26, 2009

Palette Knives, GSP and Art for Animals

Carrie Jacobson, an artist and blogger "The Accidental Artist" (I love the name of your blog, Carrie) wrote me yesterday to ask about my palette knives - whether I use one or several when I paint.

After reading her email, I grabbed up most of my knives and took them outside to photograph!!

A couple of my knives are really old (well, 28 years old - that's fairly old isn't it? And I have a price tag on one of them still LOL). But, I actually use one knife for most of my paintings start to finish - on my smaller pieces I might grab a smaller palette knife for the itty bitty details. Lately my painting style has gotten even more loose so I am now reconsidering whether I would do all that itty bitty detail stuff.... I'll just wait till the inspiration hits before making fast rules about it.

My everyday favorite, use-all-the-time knife is the Loew Cornell J-5. I have a Langnickel P-2 that is similar in size but the tip is a little more rounded. Both are flexible and have a good feel when plastering the paint onto the canvas. Oh! I do love the looseness and thickness of painting with the palette knife.

Carrie has another blog called Art for the Animals in which artists can post animal paintings for the benefit of shelter animals. It's a wonderful project! Check it out.

So this is the segway to the recent foster German Shorthair Pointers at my house.

From Left to Right - Marco, Brooke, my Stella and my Tina (aka pointer sisters) sharing the old sleeper sofa I can't seem to get rid of because the dogs love it too much.

This one shows Marco, Stella, Hattie, Brooke and Tina. Marco, Hattie and Brooke are all available for adoption through the German Shorthair Rescue Society of North Texas. All are housebroken, gets along well with other dogs, as you can see and need a forever home.


Sheila said...

Pointer Sisters! LOL... What a big heart you have to foster these beautiful furry pals. Thanks for sharing your info on the palette knives too. I love that you have been using one for 28 shows how long you've been painting [at the minimum] and how you hold on to things you love.

Judy Mackey said...

Actually I hadn't painted in most of those years as I was doing other stuff...but found painting about 4 years ago. Maybe that'll be my next topic : )

Actually too, it's my husband who has a soft spot for the furry kids...And if Nancy reads this response she is going to LHAO, but I'm Igor the assistant to Dr. Frankenschteeeeen...."yes, master, I bring you the biggest brain, master...." I'm the dog-poop-picker-upper...she knows that I'm Igor...we laugh about it all the time...
Have a happy weekend everyone.

Angela Elledge said...

Ok, so last weekend I was in NE TX doing a little plein air painting at a friend's lakehouse, I had just completed my 2nd painting of the day when we started drinking wine and beer. A friend of mine was painting a beautiful landscape with a palette, before I knew it I had a palette knife in one hand and a beverage in the other :-).

I'm so glad you posted your selection of knives because I own all of 2 knives, my friend pulled out an assortment that looked just like yours and those were the ones I attempted to paint with. When the paintings are dry I'll post them, including the 3rd one that had some help with extra beverages.

Love the photos of your dogs!!!!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Judy, you do have a big heart. Even if you are Igor the assistant. But I gotta say, they look very happy. And yes thank you for the palette knives tip.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh what a wonderful home you have filled with love and lots of pointers! :)
you are so wonderful to foster these wonderful souls.
m & e