Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chemise - Palette Knife Oil Painting

8 x 8 x 3/4 inches, Oil on Canvas
Some paintings are just fun! This one was fun to paint. That's not right. Most of the time I'm having fun painting; I'm in a better place when I'm mushing paint about and getting it on my hands, my face, clothes.
I must say, though - as I was just about finished and really happy with the way it had turne out noticed that her hand was in the wrong place!!! I had to paint it out and re-design with her hand on her knee - I think it looks a lot better this way!
This painting is just a tad bigger at 8 inches square.
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Joan Sicignano Artist said...

It's beautiful. Do you have a model to work from? You have a great ability to capture the gesture of each figure. Well done.

Judy Mackey said...

Hi Joan, No I don't have a model. I see a pose in a magazine, photos, people sitting, I sketch them and then imagine what it'd look like if it were a woman in a "chemise" as it were. Thank you for your kind comments! Happy painting, Judy

Anonymous said...

hi judy..i m really impressed by ur blog and each and every one of ur painting....i really like ur painting style and the way u enjoy ur painting!!!
happy painting!!