Thursday, June 24, 2010

Angel Painting - A Moment of Repose - Palette Knife Oil Painting

"A Moment of Repose"
10 x 10 inches, Oil on Raymar Canvas Board
I think even angels need to rest and I think my angel must be napping. Two weeks ago I twisted my ankle and because I'm the way I am, I did not go to see the doctor until two weeks had passed. My ankle was still warm and swollen and hurt like crazy. The doctor xray-ed my ankle and said nothing was broken but recommended I buy a pair of crutches so I that I don't use my ankle at all for 2 weeks to speed heeling. I bought my crutches and on the second day my shoulder was terribly sore. In fact it hurt so bad I couldn't lift my shoulder. My ankle feels a lot better though...
You know that old remedy for a headache? Drop a hammer on your toe - it immediately makes the headache go away since your toe is in so much pain. I think the shoulder pain has made my ankle feel better.
At any rate - a part of my angel series. This particular "pose" was suggested by a collector who asked if I'd do a sleeping angel as a gift for her mother's caretaker. A sleeping angel is a great gift for a caretaker or therapist or doctors - for who takes care of our ills when our angels are napping and not looking over us?


Carla, i colori...pensieri della mia mente. said...

bellissimo questo informale..ciaooo

Anonymous said...

I love it. Thank you!

Judy Mackey said...

Thank you Anonymous.