Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Fav Tool!!

A few years ago I found this really cool screwdriver at our local garden center.  If you know me and ever are with me when I need to use this baby, you will here me tell you that this is my favorite!  I just love looking at this beautiful tool and yeah, it's handy.  

This is one of the types of screwdrivers that you can change from plus to minus......ok, guys I'm sorry that isn't the terminology - Phillips and Johnson...for that matter I used to not know which way to turn in order to tighten or loosen until I was watching a "Sewing with Nancy" TV show on PBS when she mentioned "Lefty Lucy (loose-y), Righty Tidy (tighty), now I'm a pro at using a screwdriver!  YAY!

And then.....

I was shopping at the Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Fort Worth and stumbled upon beautiful floral designed tool.  There were hammers, tape measures and voila a paper cutter.  This particular paper cutter has a very similar design as my screwdriver, at least the colors are very close so I had to buy it to match my beautiful screwdriver.

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