Saturday, July 16, 2011

Selling Art - Finding Collectors

"Turn the Light Out"
12" x  12", Oil on Cradled Board
Available for purchase

My friend, Hellenne who's also an artist, and I visited a studio complex at which some of the local artists rent space.  Maybe because it is Summer and yesterday was a Friday, only a few of the Studio/Galleries were open.  Some of the artwork were just divine!  It was nice visiting with the artists, taking a peek at their studio, the paints they used, the easels they had their paintings setting, the brushes, the panels, the canvases, their artwork and talking about their work.

But one thing that I think all of the artists missed was that they did not "sell".  And I'm wondering why hadn't they?  Did we tell them too soon upon entering their studio/gallery spaces that we were artists?  And why should that stop them from trying to sell to us?

Most all of the artists had a guest sign-in book somewhere near their doors and a stack of business cards or other handouts but not one of them said, "please sign my guest book and take a card".  What a missed opportunity!!  Did they think that artists don't buy other artists' work?  

So I ask you, since most of you reading my blog are artists - do you buy other artists' work?  

Another question.  If you had a studio/gallery space or had a tent at a fair and a browser stops by, do you make it a point to ask them to sign your guest book and try to get their contact info?  Would you discriminate against artists?

I think I'm trying to make two points here as I type this out.  

Something I learned while selling Real Estate - don't just hand out your business card - make it a point to get theirs or their contact info because they won't be contacting you when they're ready to buy or sell a home, you have to consistently contact them so that when they're ready to buy or sell, your name will be in their thoughts and in their Rolodex (sorry, old word - should have used contact list - but you get the point).

Same with art selling.  The moment that browser walks out the door or your tent, they are gone.  Unless you get their contact info.

Well I've written long enough, so I'll get to my second point in my next post.

For the painting above, I wanted a somber look so I mixed UltraMarine with Burnt Sienna to make a dark dark.  For the blossoms I used UltraMarine and Magenta.  (of course white too)...."Turn the light out" for a floral painting that seems to glow in the dark.

If you are interested in purchasing "Turn the Light Out", please email me at  If you like my work, I hope you will refer me to your friends.


Nancy Medina said...

Great post Judy, and great art too. You are so right! As you know, this artist is one of your collectors, and I have purchased artwork from many other artists too. One painting I spent quite a bit on came in a beat up box without a card or note or anything from a great artist in Florida! I could not believe it....

Judy Mackey said...

Thank you Nancy, yes, you are a fantastic collector and I know that you also buy art by other artists. I like buying art from other artists because I can learn from them in the process about customer service. Thank you for leaving me a comment; I really appreciate you doing so.
And thank you for reading.