Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sisterhood of the Jazzfeet

"Sisterhood of the Jazzfeet"
6" x 6", Oil on Board

Six month ago I join friends who had been telling me just how much they enjoy Jazzercise.  I can see why they enjoy it.  The location I exercise is a huge auditorium in our local church.  On a slow day there may be 20 of us and on busy days there may be 50.  There are several instructors in addition to the owner of this Jazzercise franchise.  They are all friendly and they chatter while we move our bodies to the music.
Sometimes it brings back memories of my "disco days".  
The general manager of the group had taken this photo of the instructors and gals and I "borrowed" it for this painting.  It goes with my feet series.
Hope you enjoy!
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Sheriart said...

This is a real eye catcher. Beautiful job with your colors and the texture. They look 3D

Abi said...

I love the colors and the texture of this painting! Fun, fun, fun!

Thanks for sharing!

Jill Hailey Randall said...

I checked out your paintings, love them! Enjoyed the angel paintings, they inspire my whimsy side!!!