Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tango Dancers - El Bailar

"El Bailar"
9" x  12", Oil on Canvas
Available for purchase.
I wanted to try painting Tango dancers for a while.  But I painted this from the "leg"/"feet" aspect.  I like to sometimes guess what the art is about, I don't want to know the whole story, I want to fill in the blanks.
I heard a while back when the high definition T.V.'s were coming out that watcing HD actually made the brain get bored.  Because of all the fine details the eye sees, the brain doesn't need to "fill in the blanks" and so while seeing all the details might be exciting, the brain sometimes doesn't want to follow along in the story.  Because I'm of an age that remember B&W movies and T.V shows, I wonder then if that is why I like the old movies?
While we watch Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers dance in a classic movie, we don't know if she's wearing red, or blue...but it captures our attention and we watch their ever footsteps
I must apologize with this photo of my painting, however.  The problem with this photo is that the painting is dark and I wasn't able to take a good photo without the glare.    The areas that look like white is very subtle in the original painting.  I'll have to re-take this photo.
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