Tuesday, October 1, 2013

German Shorthair Pointer in Shelter

"Release Me"
5" x 5", Oil on Board
I have fostered a few dogs for the Texas GSP (German Shorthair Pointers) Rescue.  That's how I got my own GSP, Ruby.  I've owned GSP's for over 20 years.  On their Facebook page was posted the photo below of a GSP in a San Antonio Shelter needed a foster home in order for the dog to be pulled from the shelter.  The photo just tugged at my heart and I felt I had to paint him.  That's why I've titled the painting I did "Release Me".  As soon as the paint dries enough to mail, I'll be donating it to the Texas GSP Rescue group.
If ever you are thinking of a new dog to add to your family, please think of rescue groups and shelters before buying a dog.  Thank you.
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If you are interested in helping the TX GSP Rescue group,  please visit http://www.texasgsp.org.  If you like my work, leave me a comment, share this blog with your friends and "Like" me on Facebook at Judy Mackey Artist - Thank you!!.

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