Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Can't Hear Very Well....

A while back I had an ear infection along with whatever else I had - this is how I felt.

No, no...Nancy, Kim and Fil came to my house for our kinda monthly art chat today. We are two oil painters, a potter, and an abstract artist who get together to get inspired. We talk about art, our pets, and everything.

This photo is of a little toy that Nancy brought over today for my Tina and Stella. Thank you, Nancy but I'm sorry, Stella decided she'd like to take a taste of the little guy. After everyone had left I saw the bunny standing just like you see it under the dining table. I had to take a photo of it and share.

1 comment:

Nancy and the fatties said...

Did Stella think that was a chocolate bunny? hee hee