Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shining Stars

I donated a painting "Remembering Cortona" to the Arts League's Fundraiser. On Thursday evening the group hosted a Shining Stars VIP reception. It was a fun evening. This is a photo of me and my artist friends Rosemary Achepol on the left and Nancy Medina .
To see our paintings please check out the Arts Leagues's website:


Nancy and the fatties said...

Great picture, Judy. You are smiling so big no one can tell I just elbowed your poor head right before the shot was taken! : ) I love all your new art - you have been busy!

Linda Blondheim said...

You are a shining star!!


Judy Mackey said...

Nancy - Your "Sanctuary" painting was a beautiful donation and I'm sure it's going to auction well.

Linda, Thank you!