Monday, September 15, 2008

Where I've Been - Italian Dolomites

I was out of town this past week visiting and hiking the Italian Dolomites. The views of the mountains and high plains were breathtaking. The valleys were a beautiful velvet green. The weather perfect for carrying a knapsack, a picnic lunch and camera.

For our first day of hiking we went to Pordoi to catch a cable car to take us up the Sella mountain. Here is the road, Passo Pordoi, that leads to the parking lot where we caught the cable car...Reminds me of the Mazda TV Ad that says "Zoom Zoom". This photo was taken from the cable car.

This photo shows the trail to the first refugio. We didn't go a long ways since it was the first day of hiking and I am such a couch heart was really thumping hard on the uphill portions of the walk as we were up on the mountain.

A sign post in front of the refugio at Pordoi on the Sella.

And here is a dish of local salami, ham, and cheese as a reward for a little walking....


Anonymous said...

I am going to start traveling pretty soon, just haven't decided where I want to go. The Dolomites, and "Zoom, zoom, zomm," how cool is that. Thanks for sharing Judy...Ed

Art and Poetry said...

You are very lucky I have been there a long time ago it was very beautiful.

Judy Mackey said...

Hi Nick,
Yes, I am very lucky!! The area is gorgeous. So inspirational.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi judy!
how beautiful!
how long will you be away? i just donated kibble with your cute widget. fun!