Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Angel Painting

"Angel, Do you See?"
14" x  11", Oil on Cradled Board
Available at Ugallery
A couple of months ago Ugallery contacted the artists to take part in their Advent Calendar special pricing by painting a Christmas/Wintry scene to be offered everyday for the 24 days of Christmas.  Mine was featured yesterday.
The inspiration for this painting came from the carols "Hark, the Herald, Angels Sing". and "Do you See What I See?"   The angel in my painting is heralding the good news when she sees the bright star.

The other day I had left a foam sheet in my front room.  This foam is left over from shipping a large painting so I didn't have any use for it.  But when I went out for about 10 minutes, my puppy, Ruby thought she'd check it out...

When I came home and found the foam and asked Ruby and my current foster dog, Faith what happened to it they said they didn't know, but looked pretty guilty, if you ask me....
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Dave Casey said...

Those are the faces of two very guilty parties. ;)

dianne said...

A truly beautiful painting Judy dear and your dogs are adorable.
xoxoxo ♡