Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kiss - kissing couple on the beach

"Kiss Too"
20" x 16", Oil on Canvas
I finished this painting a few months ago and it had been hanging on my wall.  Recently I sold the first painting "The Kiss" - which is similar to this but the woman has a bouquet of flower in the outstretched hand and flowers in her hair.
The couple who bought it said that it remind them of their wedding 10 years ago and this was going to be their anniversary gift to one another....
I am so touched!!! 
I decided to make a few changes to this painting because I was not quite happy with the results - some of the changes were - his legs were too skinny so I've given them more "heft"  And I blurred his feet area.  I changed her hand to be more closed - the first one felt like it looked like a lobster claw...
Anyway - here it is.  Kiss Too.  (2)
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