Sunday, July 28, 2013

Texas Star, the Lone Star State Flag by Judy Mackey

"Texas Star"
20" x  20" x 1.5", Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Currently on display at The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, TX.

Received a phone call late last night from the Gallery that the Texas Star flag painting is out on "loan" to a prospective buyer who will see if the painting will fit in their spaces.  Fingers crossed.

I suppose this is good business practice and galleries who have good relationships with their collectors will sometimes let the collector take it home to see how the painting will do in their homes/offices/lighting/spaces etc.  This may lead to a sale of course but the best part of it is that the buyer will then be a very satisfied buyer. 

I painted a couple of Texas flags in this manner.  It isn't meant to be a torn flag but rather an unfinished painting of just the center of the flag in a rippled, shadowy look with the edges fading into a black background.

Keep your fingers crossed ♥

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