Saturday, February 23, 2019

Long Time No See

"Swept Away"
10" x  8", Oil on Board

I have to think that I have some insecurities about my painting.  I easily say "yes" to a commission and then have anxiety about producing it.  I procrastinate and I find so much more to do than to actually sit and paint.  I get that analysis, paralysis.  I practice on other painting pieces, and then one day, after I've put it off long enough, I put paint on the canvas and it flows.

The painting above was not a commission.  It was one of those paintings that I painted instead of working on a commission.  I'd seen a friend's photo on a Facebook post and liked the "hug".  But then when I painted it the first time, it didn't work and I ended up wiping it all off.  The second time, in alla prima style, with the base paint still wet on the board, the above painting emerged.  The title was selected from the comments I received when I posted this painting on my Facebook Page.  Swept away because the first draft was "wiped away"

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