Friday, October 10, 2008

Key West Lighthouse

I've been following Linda Blondheim's blog lately. If you are reading this and are an artist I highly recommend her site. She gives wonderful advice on the business, marketing and techniques of ART. She's a Florida artist so my mind was going back to when I used to live in Key West and did this little painting of the Key West Lighthouse.

"Key West Lighthouse"
7 x 5 inches
One of Linda's topic is about artists helping artists. I have many artist friends whom I admire and really appreciate when I can ask them questions about anything, everything and they talk to me. : ) yeah!
So, please let me tell you about Melissa and her pug Emmitt. She is an artist and and entrepreneur. I really admire her. I've bought some soap and wrapping paper from her and shipping was lickety split!! Even tho' my "daughters" are pointers and not pugs - I love the pug products. She also does do other breeds. Check out her site in time for Christmas!! Great gifts for all animal friends. This is a little ornament she has on Etsy


Linda Blondheim said...

Judy, You have captured the lighthouse beautifully!! Thank you so much fo mentioning me on your blog. Very kind of you. Happy painting!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi judy!
i love your lighthouse too! as soon as i saw it, i said WOW!
and then i kept reading and smiled. thank you so much my friend for the shout out. you are wonderful and an inspiration to me.
melissa and emmitt

Filomena de Andrade Booth said...

Love this little lighthouse!
Reminds me of Barnegat Light "down the shore" in Jersey!

You inspire me to start blogging again...I'm getting awfully lazy in my old age.


Judy Mackey said...

Linda - I hope you're enjoying your week away.
Melissa and Emmitt - I hope you didn't mind my taking your little ornament photo - it's soooo cute.
Fil - Old? what's that??