Friday, March 19, 2010

Sketches - Row Boat

Sketch of Rowboat
8 x 10, oil on Raymar board
I've been so busy lately, my eyes spin in my sockets...ever have that kind of busy - I'm sure you have.
And so I've not be able to paint...aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!
I've listed a good number of my paintings on Ebay because I wanted to clean out my inventory and it was a good success! I usually don't varnish my paintings until I'm ready to exhibit it or it's ready to sell. Many of the paintings had never been exhibited so they needed that one extra step before preparing to pack. I have a special way of packing the paintings that Filomena Booth, my mentor who taught me how to sell on Ebay, showed me. And though I'd used this method before - to have to package 15 was a little bit of a challenge. I noticed though that by the eighth or so package, I'd finally gotten the rhythm of wrapping and my folds were neater, I didn't cut too much of the wrapping paper off, I had a sort of a handle on felt comfortable and I was making the packages a whole lot neater.
Isn't that the way it is with a lot of things? Repetition, persistence, getting back on the horse again and again, exercise, habits...whatever it is, the more you do it, the easier it comes to you?
Tony Saladino who leads an Art Critique class here in the DFW Metroplex asked the critique attendees a few months ago - what do you do to improve?
Well you learn to do it. Then you do doesn't feel right at first, it might not even turn out anywhere you'd expect it to, it might even be horrid or lopsided (my first clay turning experience....omg!!), but you do some more, and you learn from your mistakes and you might have to start from the beginning again, but you do it. (Ok, I'll admit, I didn't go back to clay classes, sorry, Kim!! of Norris Pottery)
Well I don't have too much time right now to paint but last week I did have a wee bit of time to visit with friends and paint at the same time so I did a couple of quick studies. The row boat is one that I did and might make it to some larger painting in the future.


Sheila said...

My my my you've been busy young lady. All with good thing it seems so I am glad. I am also envious you are in a clay class. You're going to give Hellenne a run for her money? ;o)

Love the Row boat quietly resting on a fiery sea.

Gwen Bell said...

Great abstract quickness to this. Really like that dark shadow under the boat. Adds so much mystery to the piece. Beautiful!

Jala Pfaff said...

In my opinion, this work is done. It's very powerful. Reminds me of a Nathan Oliveira image.

Hellenne said...

Ooooo....very mysterious in a wonderful way. Hmmm....boat looks like it's landed on a wonderful shore.....lots of love....