Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Festivals - Painting of Trees in Gray

"Gray Day"
30" x 24", Oil on Canvas
There was an Art Fest in our local city. The city did a great job organizing and closing the small historic main street areas for the tents. The weather was gorgeous - a little breezy, which made some of the exhibitors nervous as they adjusted their tents.
Have you seen the movie "Field of Dreams"? That famous line quoted by so many, "If you build it, he will come."....seeing some of the exhibitors today made me think of that line.
It was a juried Art Fest, there were probably fees. tents to rent or buy, tables, easels, stands. drive from somewhere (there were out-of-state artists) the cost and labor to exhbit at one of these festivals....and yet - why is it that so many of the artists sit back as though their art would just sell itself.
Sure, we've all had those moments - we paint (create) something and post it somewhere, our website, a gallery - and a buyer will be so moved that it is sold immediately - no selling necessary the artwork sold does happen. But for most of us I think we need to put a little more in to the selling part of our business. It IS a business after all.
One artist had beautiful paintings and I walked into her tent to take a closer look. each tag by the painting had a title, size and price...No where in the tent was there an explanation of any sort. Was it oil? Acrylic? Did the price include frame? And the artist was no where in site. Well she was sitting off to one side... Maybe that big post-it note on my forehead was saying - "don't talk to me because I'm just browsing".
An opportunity lost...what if I was a buyer?
The artist worked hard to get there and yet...
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dianne said...

Judy dear your painting "Gray Day", is really beautiful, I love the softness of the shades of green.
Have a good day.
Yes I have seen the movie "Field of Dreams', it is a favourite of mine.
xoxoxo ♡

Judy Mackey said...

Thank you Diane. I like the movie was a very sweet movie.
Cheers, J