Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hank - A White Schnauzer Pet Portrait

5" x 5 ", Oil on Board
Sold - Commission

As I mentioned in the last post for Oliver the Black Standard poodle - black is a hard color to paint when it comes to dogs.  But I have to change my thoughts on that as now I'm of the opinion that white is really really really hard :)  Add too much browns and grays and the dog looks either dirty or dull.  And yet I needed to add subtle shading to contour the face. 

Hank is an unshaved Schnauzer whose ears have not been cropped.  He is a happy boy who has dancing dark eyes that are covered in most of his photos.  The owner of Hank sent a lot of photos but in most of them he looked like a cotton ball.  I was tempted to do a mixed media - glue a few cotton balls on the canvas and call it a day... :)  But I persevered and finished this painting.  It's actually a second re-paint.  His owner was happy with the photo I've emailed to her.  This painting is in the mail and on it's way to it's home in Southwestern Georgia.

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