Friday, October 21, 2011

The Babe's An Angel - What do you put on the back of your paintings?

"The Babe's an Angel"
9" x  6", Oil on Canvas

I'm having fun with these angels.  The size of the canvas gave me the inspiration to get back on the angel paintings and I have had some requests for angels in pink boots since the donation for the Cancer Awareness.

What do you sign on the back of your paintings?

Recently I've bought from or traded paintings with other artists.  I love the art I received but there is a second reason why I like buying from other artists as well as trade with other artists.

I like to see how the art is presented, especially if it is mailed to me.  It is a learning experience for me.

Does the artist take time to make the packaging interesting?  If it's not, it makes me wonder if it is because the artist knows I'm a fellow artist?

How is it packaged?  Is it gift wrapped?  Is there marketing materials included in the packing? 

So, here is my question to you - what do you put on the back of your painting?  Of course you probably sign it, title it, perhaps date it.  But do you write on the back of the painting the recipient's name?  A message to the recipient?

If it were me that last two questions are NO!  Unless this is a gift (and even then I'd say leave that off and write a note card instead).  Because artwork might be re-sold, or given to someone else.  I've bought paintings from other artists to give to my friends or family - but if on the back of it - there is a "thank you - Judy" - the product becomes useless to me!

My opinion and this is just my opinion, of course, but  unless the buyer specifies, "can you sign it with this -----" - don't put personal message on the back of your work. 

If you are interested in purchasing "This Babe's An Angel", please email me at or click the link under the painting.  If you like my work, please refer me to your friends and tweet me.

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