Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bamboo Forest and Love

Do you tone your canvases before you paint? I do. With a mixture of burnt sienna and alizarin crimson. But I was feeling this tremendous joy when I started to smudge the paints onto the canvas that I thought - what if I fill my paintings with love. So I left a large Japanese character for Love on the canvas...And below is a very abstract painting filled with Love.

"Bamboo Forest"
24 x 20 x 3/4 inches, Oil on Canvas
Put a little "love" in your art.


Joan Sicignano Artist said...

I love your colors and abstract design. It's wonderful to feel free and creative. Terrific work.

Judy Mackey said...

Thank you, Joan!

Hellenne Vermillion said...

What a wonderful and great idea to paint "secret" positive messages in your painting! Reminds me of a sewist who would write messages on fabric and insert them in clothing she made for others, somewhere that would be permanently sealed. Loving the colors and the bamboo and all. The dog...soooo sweet! Keep painting, and keep adding your messages.

Judy Mackey said...

Hellenne - thank you for your encouragement. My next painting is going to have "kokoro" toned into the canvas. Fun, isn't it?

Hellenne Vermillion said...

Oh..! Oh..! I want to do it, too!

Searching for the Old Ones said...

My eye keeps being brought back to the Love painting. Here is what I have discerned. There is a nude subject, in the lower left segment . It appears she is a woman and holding a baby in her lap with her right thigh sticking out under the Kanji. It is or seems hazy but to mean clearly discernable. Great artistry...ED