Saturday, May 16, 2009

Embrace - SOLD

6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board, Painted with Palette Knife
Available on Ebay
I was listening to Etta James sing an old standard "All the Way"....'when somebody loves you, it's not good unless they love you....all the way..."
Listening to music is inspirational when painting - I love my oldies, '70's songs and when I'm standing at my easel I like dancing to the music (oh yeah, disco was still pretty big in the '70's) while I slap on the thick paints with the palette knife onto my la la when somebody loves la la...
This little painting started as a brush painting but it just didn't have the pizazz I was looking for so with a little Etta James singing in the background, love in my heart, I grabbed more paints and repainted using the palette knife.
What songs do you listen to when you paint or do something creative?


Julie said...

Your work is lovely. Just stumbled upon your blog. this is so reminiscent of Chagall for me ~ so beautiful. Take care ; )

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi judy!
oh i love it! what a beautiful painting.

i sometimes put some music on when i paint, but i usually crack the windo and listen to the birds sing. :)

Manon Doyle said...

Hey Judy!
WOW! I just can't say enough about this piece! Everything seems so right about it. I can feel the emotion come off the canvas! You should really give a palette knife painting class! : )

Judy Mackey said...

Julie - wow - Chagall - I'm honored! Thank you for visiting my blog.
Melissa - birds singing!!! what a happy and pleasant melody to be painting with.
Manon - A workshop! sounds like a business plan in the future! Thank you - that's what these blogs are great for - some of the people we share ideas with are fellow artists and it's wonderful to brainstorm with everyone!!
Happy Sunday/Happy Painting!

America Alcala said...

Wonderful painting! It has so much is lovely. I listen to classical, 80's and mexican folkloric music. :)