Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yellow Lab

"Yellow Lab"
5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board
Available $36.00 + s/h
Yesterday the Pointer sisters welcomed a foster brother. A 3 year-old German Shorthair who was rescued from a shelter by the GSP Society because he was due to be put down. (OK this is a painting of a yellow lab up above - I'll have to do one of him soon - he's really cute) So we are going to keep him for a while until a forever home can be found. In the meantime he'll be learning a few commands like "come" "sit", his name, walking on a leash. It won't take him long to learn; he seems so happy to please and is very well-mannered. We plan on calling him Marco.


Manon Doyle said...

Great portrait of the Yellow Lab!
I can't wait to see Marco! I hope he finds a home but I'm sure he'll be very happy in yours!!

Angela Elledge said...

Great chunky brushstrokes; can't wait to see the German Shorthair painting.

Gary Keimig said...

You will probably have a Marco but I am sure Marco and you will have it no other way.
Nice painterly application on the Lab.

Judy Mackey said...

Hi Manon, Angele, and Gary - yes, soon as he settles down I will get a photo posted. I guess we are all dog friends. : )


David Larson Evans said...

Very nice,I can't get away from the little fellows eyes.