Wednesday, September 2, 2009


6 x 6 inches, oil on board
Have you ever wondered why people buy art? Carrie Jacobson, of The Accidental Artist writes about her thoughts on how art can change one's life.
"If the art is good, it grows with you, and continues to take you places."
I agree and hope that my collectors feel the same. I love it when someone looks at my paintings and tells me if makes them look again and again finding new colors, new strokes, new textures, new stories each time they look.
I'm honored too.
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Carrie Jacobson said...

It's so cool to be quoted. Thanks!

On Tuesday, I was finalizing the show I have in NY state, and classes were going on around me in the school/gallery. One of the teachers, an artist whose work I admire, was thinking about buying one of my paintings. She bought one last year, too, and honestly, feeling guilty that I've not had $$ to buy one in return, I tried (a little) to talk her out of it. But she said she's been having a tough time lately, and my paintings look the way she wants to feel. What a compliment! I've been thinking so much about what art does, inside a life.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi judy!

as one of your collectors, i can honestly tell you that your work absolutely makes me admire it more and find new depths everytime i look at them!

truly engaging and inspiring!

Judy Mackey said...

Carrie - that is a very high compliment! How wonderful. Melissa, thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment! You are a fantastic collector.

Hugs to you both,


Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Hi Judy, I know you are away. Just wanted to congratulate on your award. Nancy posted on her blog today. Well deserved, you are a fantastic artist.

Sheila said...

Hey ....CONGRATULATIONS on the award that Nancy Medina accepted for you. Life is looking pretty awesome for you and I am so glad!