Monday, September 28, 2009

Oil Palette Kinfe Painting of A Green Dress

"Green Dress"

6 x 6 inches, Oil on gessoed board

I've had a wonderful few days - spending time with other artists. On Thursday I had coffee with Linda Bein. I'd seen her name at a gallery in a town I'd exhbited my artwork this past Spring but I did not know her until we shared coffee. I emailed her introducing myself and she agreed to share a cup of coffee and network.
On Friday, I went to Laurie Pace's house and visited her in her studio. That was a treat! Seeing another artist's studio!!!
On Saturday I met with my pal Nancy Medina and we went shopping to Asel Art Supply in Dallas and visited a couple of Galleries on Dragon Street. I like talking with her, exchanging ideas, news and encouragments. I feel like I've been given a shot of inspiration!!
Ok - do I have any typos here? Let me know if I do.


Sheila said...

You're so lucky to be on close contact with wonderful artists! Thank you for your help earlier today!

Jill Berry said...

I enjoyed all these great greens.
Nice painting!
Just listened to the song on today's post - beautiful!

Color Splashes said...

OMG your paintings are all so wonderful!! So glad you've joined the DPA blog.