Friday, May 21, 2010

Palette Knives....

10x10 inches, Oil on Linen Cavas Board

I like painting with the palette knife...I was reading Monica Burnett's blog this morning thinking, yeah, me too, I like painting with the palette knife.

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car and you drive around with the buzzy feeling of "oh! I've got a new car" happy feeling - then suddenly you see a similar or same car or same color car. Then you see another, and then another, and yet another and then you feel like you're surrounded by them???

I've been noticing that about palette knife painters....maybe I hadn't noticed before but there are a good number of us! And that's why I started the blog, "Palette Knife Painters" and we're growing.

By the way, you've got to read Monica's blog about how Coulton Waugh, a palette knife artist, names his palette knives...what a funny thought - to name your knives. Do you name your knives? Or brushes? Let me know if you do!


Ann Gorbett said...

First, I love your painting of Lily. SO cute.
Second, I did name my palette knives. It's fun to know I'm not the only one.
And then I took it further and gave them Mexican names.
Silly, I know.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

I love the expression you have captured in this little pups eyes. And yes I think you really have inspired other artist to pick up the knives. I know I want to give it another try. Good luck in the competition. You are a gifted artist.

Judy Mackey said...

Hi Joan - your comment made my day - thank you! Let me know how you do with the knives :)
Happy painting, Judy