Friday, November 19, 2010

Painting Pet Portraits

A 5 x 5 inch pet portrait commission.  I love doing these small portraits of animals.  The commissioner for this puppy sent along several photos of her and in everyone there was a reluctance to pose for the camera. 

Last week, a photographer friend asked if I'd help her wrangle a Boston Terrier for a calendar photo shoot.  It's a lot of work to get dogs to sit and pose for the camera!  In this case there were two dogs, which made getting them to both sit still at the same time a challenge. We used little nibbles to entice them to sit and look straight ahead, only they get so interested in the nibbles that as soon as I tried to scoot away from their placement so that I wouldn't be in the shot, the dogs would follow.   My friend did manage to get some really good photos so all ended well but I can understand how hard it is to get good photos of animals.


Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Another excellent dog portrait. You really did a great job capturing the expression. Well done.

Gwen Bell said...

What a sweet face! Wonderful expression. You've really captured the intense intelligence of the breed. I know the owners must be thrilled with the result!